Galatian III
Galatian III
Galatian III-Carbine
Galatian III - Carbine

Shorter (carbine) barrel version. QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and
Integrated Sound Moderator - Approximately 50% Quieter. (50-60fps less velocity due to carbine barrel)

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* Scope sold separately.

Galatian III

Sling included

Galatian III

• Removable rear sight.
• Trigger lock included.

Galatian III

• Side lever action

• Cocking indicator

• Dovetail grooved receiver for 11mm or 22mm scope mounts

• Quattro trigger

• Micro adjustable rear sight with Truglo fiber optics.

• Detachable 16-shot magazine in .177 caliber,

14-shot magazine in .22 and

13-shot magazine in .25


• Elevation adjustable comb which can be easily adjusted by a coin. Stock length of pull, elevation & fit angle adjustable rubber butt pad.
• Spare magazine carrying slot in the stock

Galatian III

3 picatinny rails beneath and on the sides the forearm.


Carrying case included.

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