MOD 85 Sniper
MOD 85 Sniper CAMO

Mossy Oak Break-Up finish version.

MOD 85 Sniper MW

Luxurious walnut woodgrain camo version.

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Micro adjustable rear sight.

Metal trigger blade.

Manual Safety.
Automatic Safety.
Anti Bear-Trap.

Includes free bipod, sling and 3-9x32 Fully / Multi Coated Optima Scope.

Large muzzle break with open front sight.
Integrated sound moderator inside muzzle break.

The Hatsan TRIOPAD® Butt System utilizes a heavy duty rubber recoil pad and 3 stock spacers. This allows for maximum recoil absorption and up to 4 different length of pull options.

TRIOPAD® Butt System

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