• Single shot break barrel action.
  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and Integrated SoundModerator – Approximately 50% Quieter.
  • Available in .177 (4.5mm), .22 (5.5mm) and .25 (6.35mm) caliber.
  • Quattro Trigger is a 2-Stage fully adjustable match trigger system.
  • SAS Shock Absorber System significantly reduces vibration.
  • Ambidextrous & ergonomic design synthetic stock.
  • Soft rubber inlays on grip and forearm for better control and feel.
  • Elevation adjustable comb.
  • Includes 3 stock spacers to extend to stock length
  • Scope mount rail for both 11mm & 22mm mounts.
  • Shock absorber scope stop.
  • Metal trigger blade.
  • Precision rifled steel barrel.
  • Manual safety & automatic cocking safety.
  • Anti bear-trap safety.
  • Micro adjustable rear sight for both windage and elevation with Truglo fiber optics.
  • Open metal front sight with Truglo fiber optics.
  • Includes a free sling.

ModelMod135QE Sniper
Caliber4.5mm / .177cal5.5mm /.22cal4.5mm / .177cal6.35mm / .25cal7.62mm / .30cal
Max. Muzzle Velocity (*)380 m/s (1250 fps)305 m/s (1000 fps)380 m/s (1250 fps)230 m/s (750 fps)170 m/s (550 fps)
StockAdvanced Polymer elevation adjustable comb
Length1182mm (46.5”)
Barrel Length270mm (10.6”)
Average Weight4.15kg (9.15lbs)
Fiber Optic Sights DiametersRear Sight0.9mm (.035”) green
Front Sight1.5mm (.060”) red

**Above maximum muzzle velocity figures may differ depending on the pellet weight & shape.
* The energy restrictions of a particular country can be achieved by the reduction in the muzzle velocity. The above maximum velocity figures are obtained when there is no energy restriction on the air rifle.

* Scope sold separately.

Metal front sight with Truglo fiber optics.

Three stock length of pull spacers are included. The stock length of pull can be extended by increments of 5mm (1/5”) by simply inserting one or more of these spacers. With these spacers any shooter can perfectly fit the suitable stock length of pull.

Micro adjustable rear sight.

Adjustable front sight

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