• Security & law enforcement purpose 12 gauge, 3”/76mm chamber tactical pump action shotgun shotgun.
  • Fixed cylinder choke 14” (36cm), 18.5” (47cm) or 20” (51cm) barrel for shot or slugs. 
  • Flash suppressor is included.
  • Ghost ring adjustable rear sight integrated on the picatinny rail and adjustable front sight with fiber optic sights.
  • Picatinny rail fitted on aircraft alloy receiver.
  • Elastic material pistol grip for better feel and grip.
  • Ergonomic design forend with 3 picatinny accessory rails – beneath and on the sides of the forearm.
  • Foregrip with storage for 1 shotshell fitted on the forend picatinny.
  • Oxidation Proof – Chrome plated barrels made of Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum steel. All barrels are Proof Tested (1200kg/cm2).
  • Tough black matte finish.
  • Manual cross-button trigger safety.
  • Sling swivels.

ModelEscort MP-PG
Gauge12 GA
Chamber3” / 76mm Magnum
Stock & ForendPistol Grip Stock.
Forend with foregrip with storage.
ReceiverAir craft alloy. Black anodised. Picatinny rail fitted
BarrelBlack chrome finished Ni-Cr-Mo steel.
Heat shield fitted.Flash Supressor fitted.
Barrel Length14” / 36 cm18.5” / 47 cm20” / 51 cm
Overall Length25.8” / 65.5 cm30.5” / 77.4 cm31.8” / 80.5 cm
Magazine Capacity5+16+17+1
Available ChokesFixed Cylinder
SightGhost ring, fiber optic, adjustable rear & front sight
SafetyManual cross button
Average Weight2.9 kg

Foregrip with storage for an extra shot shell.

Picatinny rail and ghost ring fiber optic rear sight.

Adjustable fiber
optic front sight and flash suppressor.

Adjustable fiber optic front sight and flash suppressor.

Muzzle cap included.

Flash Suppressor

Door buster is optional

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