Escort Semi Auto Technologies


Escort Fast Loading System enables faster and easier loading into the magazine with one hand in the reliable double bar system. Escort’s patented Fast Loading System provides faster loading of shot shells into the magazine without changing the aiming position. It also unlocks bolt which is locked at the rear. Both the carrier and fast loading button are hard chrome plated for longer life and maximum corrosion resistance. Fast Loading System is standard on all Escort semi auto shotguns.

Stock Length of Pull Spacers

Stock Length of Pull Spacers

Escort Supreme, Escort Xtreme and other wood stock Escort shotguns come with three stock length of pull spacers that fit between stock and recoil pad. The stock length of pull can be extended by increments of 5mm (1/5”) by simply inserting one or more of these spacers. With these spacers any shooter can perfectly fit the stock length of pull which provides him an easier shouldering of the shotgun, faster swing on targets and less felt recoil. On all other synthetic stock Escorts; Small, Medium and Large size recoil pads are available as an option. Medium size recoil pad comes on the shotgun as standard which provides 36cm (14 1/5” ) stock length of pull . This can be shortened by 5mm (1/5”) and extended by 5mm (1/5”) when Small & Large size recoil pad is fitted respectively.

Stock Drop & Cast Adjustment Shims

3 stock drop shims and 1 stock cast shim. You can adjust the stock drop & stock cast perfectly fitting yourself and your shooting style by simply inserting one or more of the four special shims between the receiver and stock.

Stock Drop & Cast Adjustment Shims


The receivers are made of aluminum alloy (Ergal) material which is very light in weight but very resistant against high pressures. The black anodize plating on the receiver not only gives extra durability but also provides a life-time coating. Glossy or matt finish receivers are available.


The bolts of all Escorts are made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel and are hard chrome plated for longer life, less friction and maximum corrosion resistance.

Magazine Cut-Off

By pressing this button, you can retain shells in the magazine and can eject a shell from the chamber without feeding another one from the magazine.


The nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel barrels are standard for all Escorts. Hard white chrome plated bore and chamber provides maximum durability for any kind of shot shells including steel or tungsten shots; and provides maximum corrosion resistance, besides it is easier to clean. Outside of the barrel is hard chrome plated again providing life-time maximum corrosion resistance. Barrels are available in matt or glossy finish.

Escort Choke Tubes

All Escort shotguns (except for slug barrels) come with 5 mobile chokes: Full (F), Improved Modified (IM), Modified (M), Improved Cylinder (IC) and Cylinder (CYL). Extra full choke is available upon request. M, IC and CYL choke tubes are good for steel shots.