1300fps POWER!

QuietEnergy Barrel Technology

QuietEnergy Sound moderator in muzzle break for reduced down-range noise

  • Manual loading, side-lever action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.
  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel and Integrated Sound Moderator - Approximately 50% Quieter.
  • Available in .177 (4.5 mm), .22 (5.5 mm) ,25 (6.35 mm), .30 (7,62mm) and .35 (9mm) caliber.
  • Detachable 17-shot magazine in .177 (4.5mm), 14-shot magazine in .22 (5.5mm) , 13-shot magazine in .25 (6.35mm), 10-shot magazine in .30 (7.62mm) and 9-shot magazine in .35 (9mm)caliber.
  • Precision rifled choked barrel for accuracy.
  • 2 air tube bottles of each 500cc.
  • Includes 2 magazines.
  • Includes quick-fill nozzle.
  • Advanced polymer, tactical stock with integrated pistol grip and integrated picatinny rail beneath the forearm.
  • Stock mounted on rear air cylinder tube.
  • Elevation & fit angle adjustable rubber butt pad and elastic material cheek piece.
  • Built-in pressure gauge to monitor the cylinder pressure.
  • Picatinny rail milled receiver for both 11 mm and 22 mm scope mounts.
  • Overall blued finish, black anodized receiver.
  • Manual safety.
  • “Anti-double pellet feed” mechanism preventing more than one pellet loading into barrel.
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger for trigger travel and trigger load.
  • Black metal trigger.
  • Fitted sling swivels.

* Velocity results may vary as much as 20% due to pellet weight, pellet shape, temperature, elevation, as well as other factors.

* The energy restriction of a particular country can be achieved by the reduction in the muzzle velocity. Above maximum velocity & energy figures are obtained when there is no energy restriction on the air rifle and when measured at optimum pressure value in the air tube. As a nature of the PCP air rifles the velocity starts low at maximum pressure level in the air tube, then starts to increase and gets to the maximum at optimum pressure value in the air tube; and then starts to decrease again as the pressure in the air tube gets too low.